Wera 022760 3167i Stainless VDE Insulated Torx Screwdriver T8 x 80mm

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Wera Kraftform VDE insulated Stainless Steel Lasertip screwdriver for Stainless applications.

Each individual Wera VDE screwdriver undergoes a dielectric strength test under a 10,000-volt load in a water bath to reassure users that their screwdrivers have been exhaustively tested for their most important feature; their insulation. Wera VDE screwdriver’s guarantee safe working up to 1,000 volts in accordance with EN 60900:2012. Manufactured from INOX Stainless Steel, the screwdriver blades prevent the formation of extraneous rust. Combined with a special vacuum ice-hardening process that ensures the blades have the required hardness needed for screw connections, these screwdrivers are suitable for industrial application without hesitation. Lasertip anti-cam out technology on the blade tip literally “bites” into the screw head creating a perfect fit, preventing any slipping out of the recess and reducing the contact pressure required when working. Lasertip makes screwdriving safer and easier.

Wera’s multi-component Kraftform handles fit perfectly into the hand, with hard zones that glide across the hand allowing for rapid working speeds, whilst softer gripping zones ensure greater torque transfer and extreme comfort during intensive use. Kraftform’s hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents any unwanted rolling off surfaces at the workplace. The base of the handle also features “Take It Easy” tool finder: colour coding in accordance to profile and size, for fast and easy tool selection.

1x 3167i VDE insulated TORX® screwdriver, stainless steel, TX 8 x 80 mm

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