Wera 022750 7 Piece Kraftform 3100 i/7 Set 1 Stainless Steel VDE Screwdriver Set SL/PZ/PH

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6-piece VDE screwdriver set. High quality Kraftform Plus VDE screwdriver set out of stainless steel by Wera. The stainless tools from Wera are vacuum ice-hardened and have the hardness and strength needed for screw connections. They can be used for industrial application without hesitation. The individual testing of the Kraftform Stainless VDE screwdrivers in a water bath at 10,000 volts as per DIN EN 60900 (IEC 60900) ensures safe working with voltages of up to 1,000 volts. Secure working is also ensured under extreme conditions and verified with the proven cold impact resistance at -40° C. Mainly with Lasertip: the Lasertip tip literally bites into the screw head and prevents any slipping out of the screw recess. Multi-component Kraftform handle for fast and low-fatigue working. “Take it easy” Tool Finder: colour coding according to profile and size.

The hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents any bothersome rolling away at the workplace. Plus iconic Wera bottle opener. Wera 2go compatibility.

The contents of the Kraftform 3100 i/7 set 1 Screwdriver set are:

  • 1x 3162 i PH VDE Insulated screwdriver for Phillips screws, stainless, PH 2 x 100 mm
  • 2x 3165 i PZ VDE Insulated screwdriver for Pozidriv screws, stainless: PZ 1×80, PZ 2x100mm
  • 3x 3160 i VDE Insulated Screwdriver for slotted screws, stainless: 0.6×3.5×100, 0.8×4.0x100, 1.0×5.5x125mm
  • 1x Hook and Loop Fastener Strip 240, 240 x 50 mm
  • Plus iconic Wera bottle opener.

The set features insulated screwdrivers that have been made from a specially developed stainless steel to ensure that they have the necessary hardness and rigidity required for professional use. The stainless steel is also extremely corrosion resistant, making it suitable for areas that are regularly subjected to high levels of humidity.

The insulated screwdrivers in this set are approved for work being carried out by professional electricians around voltages of up to 1000V AC or 1500V DC, and meet the international standards IEC 60900:2004 or DIN EN60900. The insulated ergonomic Kraftform handle fits comfortably in the hand with special hard and soft zones to provide better turning power with less effort and making repeated turning easier.

Most of the screwdrivers (excluding the 0.5×3.0mm slotted) have Lasertip treated blades, where a laser has been used to produce an extremely rough surface that bites into the screw head. This reduces slippage that could otherwise cause damage to delicate surfaces and the screw head itself.

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