Knipex 97 51 13 Crimping Pliers for RJ45 Western Plugs (All In One)

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  • 97 51 13 Crimping Pliers for RJ45 Western plugs All-in-one tool for cable cutting, stripping of round cable and crimping of common RJ45 plugs.
  • Reliably crimps shielded and unshielded RJ45 Western plugs (8P8C).
  • With adjustable retaining bracket, for all common RJ45 plugs with closed and non-closed housings.
  • Exact crimping process due to parallel crimp and self-releasing mechanism.
  • Dual crimping points for equal and balanced crimping pressure.
  • Quick cutting and stripping of CAT-cables with the high-quality blade.
  • With ergonomic multi-component handles.
  • “For current and future Western connection technology in the network / Ethernet area and Western modular plugs with 8P8C pin assignment”.
  • Range of applications: Western plugs


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