Irwin Record No.4ZR – 4″ (100mm) Professional Fitters Bench Vice

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  • IRWIN® Record® Mechanic’s Vice is rigid and robust. The body and sliding jaw are cast from close grained grey iron which is machined on all friction surfaces for a smooth, reliable action. Fitted with hardened steel jaws for extended life, they can be replaced when worn. The main steel screw has a two-start rolled acme thread for faster and smoother operation.It has a fused steel handle that will bend before the vice can be overstressed. A safety stop prevents the slide from being separated from the body. The most popular and widely used general purpose vice for light to medium-duty applications.A full line of replacement parts are available.

    1 x IRWIN® Record® No.4 Mechanic’s Vice 115mm (4.1/2in)

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