Facom JET.6NM4A 6 Drawer Mobile Roller Cabinet – Black

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Extra large worksurface : +25% vs JET+. High resistance : a 2 mm aluminium plate -rice grain finish- covers a 15 mm wooden board. The end caps are made of impact-resistant polypropylene. The worktop can receive a vice and is resistant to impacts and hydrocarbons. Static load resistance : M3 900kg, M4 1000kg, M5 1100kg. Even more functional : integrated bi-material handles with soft coating on each side of the cabinet : one for moving and one to lift the roller cabinet and ride over obstacles.

INNOVATION: the aluminium rails of the worktop have been designed as an integrated hanging system for accessories. The installation of accessories is fast and secure. A wide range of accessories is available and will allow you to customize your roller cabinet according to your needs to make it a real workstation. Dedicated slots for 8 screwdrivers. Built-in edges prevent tools from falling on the move.


Equipped with ball bearing slides, total extension with «self close» return spring for an efficient and secure closure – 100% opening drawers for optimum ease of use. The 60 and 130 mm drawers can be fitted with thermoshaped or foam modules from Facom Modular system program. The 200 mm drawers can also be fitted with modules. Ergonomics and Safety : Exclusive FACOM design ensuring easy grip. Lifting handpulls made of anodized aluminum with safety hook avoiding any opening while. Premium self-closing system ensures secure closure and further safety. Centralized locking system, delivered with 2 keys, one folding. With new soft bumpers in elastomeric thermoplastic with damper effect shock: on the 4 angles and on drawers protecting the safety hook.

High performance maneuverability :

Reduced start-up effort (less than 7kg thrust), Long lifetime (resists to chipping, common hydrocarbons), High resistance to heavy loads M3 and M4 : 4 wheels diameter 125mm, 2 fixed, 2 swivel, each with a brake for an extra stability while working. M5 : 6 wheels diameter 160 mm for very high performance, 4 swivel including 2 with brakes for an extra stability while working and 2 fixed
360° function: very easy to park, crosses all obstacles. Roller cabinet delivered with wheels already mounted.


Worktop and sides can receive numerous accessories from the most basic to the most sophisticated ones. Top chest available as optional unit for added volume and flexibility.


The FACOM JET series is made in France to the highest specifications and manufacturing standards. Each model is thoroughly tested to assess and validate its performance and comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. The drawers are tested over 50 000 opening / closing cycles, i.e. 10 years of use.


  • 4 modules per drawer.
  • Worktop : Useful dimension 797 x 461 mm. 0,37 m2 static load resistance of 1000 kg.
  • Overall dimensions (L. x D. x H.): 1004 x 575 x 1005 mm.
  • 4 wheels diameter 125mm 2 fixed, 2 swivel, each with a brake for an extra stability while working.
  • 6 drawers roller cabinet = 20 modules distributed in the 60 and 130 mm drawers.
  • 4 drawers height 60 mm = 16 modules.
  • 1 drawer height 130 mm = 4 modules.
  • 1 drawer height 270 mm.
  • Supplied with 9 partitions JET2.15 for 60 mm drawers and 3 partitions JET2.16 for 130 mm drawers.
  • Total load in the drawers: 175 kg.
  • Total storage capacity: 205 litres.
  • Weight: 89 kg.

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