Facom DLS.T2 Jet+ Express 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet

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£1,356.24 Inc. VAT
£1,130.20 Ex. VAT List Price: £1,738.78 + VAT


  • 3 x 60mm high drawers.
  • 1 drawer 120mm high.
  • 1 drawer 295mm high.
  • Bin drawer 295mm.
  • 85kg.
  • Storage trolley to provide quick and easy access to tools at the work site saving time and money during maintenance operations and fast fit services.
  • Designed to reduce fatigue and MSDs ( musculoskeltal disorders ) by reducing the effort required to remove a wheel- simply rotate and store the wheel which easily rotates and turns with 1 finger allowing easy access to drawers.
  • Secure lockable tools storage in drawers.
  • Handy storage drawers compatible with Facom Tool control modules.
  • Ait supply built into the roller cabinet.
  • 2 hoses for pneumatic tooling.
  • Cleaning spray storage tray.
  • Cleanliness service paper roll holder.
  • Repair order holder.
  • A ribbed aluminium tray contains topping up cans ( 5 L cans ) .
  • Supplied with 1 multifunctional hook for impact wrench or inflator.
  • Dimensions L x D x H: 666 x 630 x 970 ( box ).
  • Folded arm: 190mm unfolded 440mm.

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