Facom ATD2X35 Protwist Short (Stubby) Pozi Screwdriver PZ2 x 35mm

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  • Short round blade and ball handle for limited clearance work.
  • Online heat treatment: + 100% lifetime and + 100% resistance.
  • Handle material: Soft Grip for comfort and always resistant to chemicals.
  • “Tri-coating” treatment of the blade (Zinc-Nickel-Chrome): 4 times more resistance to corrosion.
  • Optimised ergonomics of the handle: + 10% of torque.
  • Laser marking: for a better resistance to wear.
  • Digitally controlled fingerprinting: better screw adaptation by increasing torque transfer and reducing wear.
  • The Screwdriver shown may be a different size of the same style and is for illustration purposes only. The size described will be the one supplied.

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