Wiha 45254 SpeedE II 3 Piece VDE Insulated Electric E-Screwdriver Set

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Every day, hundreds of screw joints a week. As a craftsman, you invest a lot of time and energy in recurring screwdriving jobs. The resulting pain in the wrists cannot be vilted to the body. Thanks to the electrical drive of the E-screwdriver speedE® II, the joints and tendons are protected in continuous use. In addition, the time required is reduced by 3 times. As a further highlight, the speedE® II offers the integrated material protection function. Do not overtighten sensitive screw connections, such as plastic covers of sockets, as this may damage the material. Here the speedE® II switches off automatically at 0.4 Nm and gives the user full control to do the last suit carefully by hand. If screwing tasks are tackled where more force is required, the second-generation speedE® offers the option of increasing the electrical force to 1.0 Nm using a sliding switch. The color of the slimBits serves as an aid, so that the correct force level is set according to the respective application. The red slimBits with the smaller profiles are used in the red shift position, the yellow power slimBits with the larger profiles indicate that the working can be done here in the more powerful, yellow shift position. If more force is required, the speedE® II can still be applied manually up to 8 Nm without damaging it. During the screw connection, the integrated LED permanently provides light for an optimum view of the screw. In this way, the bright LED can be used as a torch in poorly lit working environments by tapping the ring switch. An even better user-friendliness is guaranteed by the enlarged ring switch, as well as the smooth running. Thanks to the combination of ease of work and the ergonomic SoftFinish® handle shape, the E-screwdriver speedE® II is recommended by German physicians and therapists of the EGR. The set contains a yellow slimBit PH 2 as well as a standard battery of the type 18500.

NOTE: no battery charger supplied!


  • Increases your speed: 3x faster working thanks to electric drive
  • Protects your material: Electric screwing with protection function to prevent material damage
  • Increases your efficiency: 100% compatible with the Wiha Electric Vario Family
  • Protects your health: For hand- and muscle-protecting work. Recommended by German doctors and therapists of the AGR!
  • Simplifies the handling: Unique ring switch enables the operation in all working positions
  • Simplifies your work: Maximum illumination of the work area thanks to ring LED light
  • Meets your requirements: Quality and robustness made in Germany
  • Offers full protection: SlimBits tested at 10,000 V AC and approved for 1,000 V AC


  • 1x E-screwdriver handle speedE®
  • 1x rechargeable battery 18500 Li-Ion
  • 1x Bit power slimBit electric – Phillips 2

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