Sykes Pickavant 052900V2 Panel Beating Hammer Straight Pein & Finish Flat Face

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High quality investment casting alloy steel heads with hardened striking surfaces

• Fine quality octagonal wooden shafts fitted as standard

• Wood and steel wedged handles ensure maximum head retention with improved safety

• The heads have a tapered centre allowing the shaft to expand into the head & are secured with a double wedge

Flat Faced Hammers: Traditional flat faced hammers are designed to construct or reconstruct sheet metal vehicle components, as well as for the removal of small imperfections in sheet metal surfaces. The flat surface minimises distortion and limits the stretching effect of the hammer blow. Flat surface hammers require a high degree of precision so as not to crease the metal surface.

• Medium-weight, flat face finishing panel beater with straight pein

– Round Face: 41mm

– Square Face: N/A

– Head Width: 130mm

– Weight: 0.425kg

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