Stahlwille SmartCheck 10S Tester for Torque Screwdrivers 1-10Nm | |

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  • Advantages at a glance.
  • Robust: The integrated visual and audible overload protection mechanism ensures the durability customers expect of Stahlwille.
  • Accurate: The display deviation value of a mere ± 1% guarantees the greatest possible measuring dependability; with certificate.
  • Ready for work: Thanks to the integrated transducer with a broad measuring range, work can start immediately.
  • Flexible: SmartCheck can be positioned almost anywhere. Whether horizontally or vertically – the well-thought-out fixing points, the compact construction and rotatable display make it easy to use.
  • Versatile: Three operating modes (track, first peak & peak hold) and three measuring units (Nm, & can be selected. The target torque and tolerances can be individually set to evaluate the readings.
  • Mobile: Ideal for use on the road if there are no sockets available. Besides the usual operating mode using a mains adaptor, this unit can be run on batteries (4 x AAA or 1 x 9V block, adaptor included).
  • Rotatable: SmartCheck can easily be adjusted to suit the user’s angle of sight. Not only the display but also the display mount and base body can be rotated through 180°.
  • Intuitive operation: The unit is easy to use and has operator guidance to aid fast working, reliable results coupled with high levels of safety.
  • Resilient: The display and keypad are splash-proof, and the housing is made of impact-resistant plastic. Safe transport and storage is ensured by the sturdy transport box.
  • Nm range: 1-10 / range: 0.74-7.4 / range: 8.9-88.5.
  • 1/4″ drive.
  • b (mm): 120.
  • h (mm): 124.
  • t (mm): 167.
  • Weight: 5210.

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