Irwin Record TBC936H Arm Adjusted High Tensile Bolt Cutter 36″ (910mm)

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  • IRWIN Record Arm Adjusted High-Tensile Bolt Cutters have jaws that are specially heat-treated for cutting very hard materials up to a hardness of Brinel 500 (Rockwell C52, 110 tons/square in).The centre cut jaws have a short nose for trouble-free cutting of pre-stressed concrete reinforcing rods, mesh and wire, high-tensile steel rods, bolts and case hardened chain, cold drawn alloy steel and tempered sprung wire.

    IRWIN Record 936H Arm Adjusted High Tensile Bolt Cutter 910mm (36 in).

    Overall Length: 910mm (36 in).
    Max Cutting Capacity: 11.1mm (7/16 in).

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