Facom ATXP8X50 Protwist Torx Plus Screwdriver IP8 x 50mm

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£10.70 Inc. VAT
£8.92 Ex. VAT List Price: £11.89 + VAT


  • Compliant with Torx Plus® specifications.
  • Inline Hardening Process – +100% Tip Life and +100% Bar Strength.
  • Handle Material – Softer for more Comfort and still Chemical Resistant.
  • Blade ” tri-coating ” treatment (Zinc-Nickel-Chromium) – 4x Corrosion Resistance.
  • Handle ‘Channel’ – +10% Torque.
  • Laser Marking – gives virtually Permanent Marking.
  • CNC tip machining – gives better Screw Fit increasing Torque Transfer and Reducing Wear.
  • Made in France
  • The Screwdriver shown may be a different size of the same style and is for illustration purposes only. The size described will be the one supplied.


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